Morris Goldfarb Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Morris Goldfarb is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, as well as one of the directors of G-III Apparel Group. Mr. Goldfarb has served as an executive officer of G-III and its predecessors since the formation of the company in 1974.

Wayne S. Miller Chief Operating Officer

Wayne S. Miller has been the Chief Operating Officer of G-III since December 2003 and the Secretary since November 1998. He also served as the Chief Financial Officer from April 1998 until September 2005 and as the Treasurer from November 1998 until April 2006.

Sammy Aaron President and Vice Chairman

Sammy Aaron has been the Vice Chairman of G-III Apparel Group, as well as one of its directors, since G-III acquired the Marvin Richards business in July 2005. Mr. Aaron also oversees the operations of our Calvin Klein business. Prior to joining G-III, Mr. Aaron served as the President of Marvin Richards from 1998 until July 2005.

Neal S. Nackman Chief Financial Officer

Neal S. Nackman has been the Chief Financial Officer of G-III since September 2005 and was elected Treasurer in April 2006. Mr. Nackman served as Vice President—Finance from December 2003 until April 2006.

Jeanette Nostra-Katz Senior Advisor

Jeanette Nostra-Katz is a Senior Advisor and serves on the Company’s Board of Directors. Ms. Nostra-Katz served as  President of G-III from April 1997 until September 2013. From March 2008 to July 2011, Ms. Nostra-Katz also acted as President of G-III’s Andrew Marc division. Ms. Nostra-Katz’s responsibilities include sales, marketing, product development and licensing for selected divisions, as well as business development for international sales. Ms. Nostra-Katz has been an employee of G-III since 1981.

Jeffrey Goldfarb Executive Vice President and Director of Strategic Planning

Jeffrey Goldfarb is the Executive Vice President of G-III and a member of its Board of Directors. He is also a licensed attorney and an active member of the New York Bar. Since joining G-III in 2002, Mr. Goldfarb has been involved in all areas of G-III’s business including, production, sales, mergers & acquisitions, and licensing. He is also responsible for overseeing the G Creative Group, a division of G-III, responsible for branding, marketing, and advertising of G-III owned brands. In addition, Mr. Goldfarb serves as a director of the Fashion Delivers Charitable Foundation, Inc., as well as a member of the Board of Overseers and a member of the Advisory Board of the Fashion Arts Media and Entertainment Law Center (FAME) at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.